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Hard Surface Only Bus Routes, 2017-2018

Once again winter is becoming a factor as we transport students to and from school. During these months, Iowa weather can be very uncooperative. More storms with snow and ice are inevitable in the next few months and will raise our level of concern for bus travel.

Knowing the Iowa winters can be very unpredictable, it may be wise to be prepared for gravel roads that could become difficult for travel. Last year the West Branch CSD utilized a system of safety routes for buses. Our transportation department has once again designed a series of safety routes to be utilized in these times.

We appreciate parents helping us out when gravel road become dangerous for buses. There will be specific stops along these safety routes where parents can meet the buses. Buses will pause for several minutes at each stop to ensure parents can get their children to the designated stops.

Route #1: Bus # 27 will drive east on Hoover Highway to Rochester, back to KOA, and back to school.

Route #2: Bus # 1 will drive east on Hoover Highway, north Garfield to Cedar Valley, and back to school.

Route #3: Bus # 12 will drive the same through the Trailer Court, and just north on Baker.

Route #4: Bus # 21 will drive north on Baker, west on Morse Road to Tom Wall’s, back through town to Bickford Addition, and back to school.

Route #5: Bus # 2 will drive west on Hoover Highway to Oasis Road, north to Borland-Moon’s  back to Oasis then back to Hoover Highway to Sharpless Auction, to Greenview, and back to school.

Route #6: Bus # 16 will drive south on Baker Ave to Downey and back to school.

Route #7: Bus # 5 will drive the same to Oasis Road, back to Hoover Highway (Main Street), Greenview, to just past Mr. Brick’s house (on East Main St.) then the Trailer Court, and back to school.

If you have any questions, please call Joe Lande (319) 330-7084 or Kevin Hatfield at the West Branch Community Schools (319) 643-7213.


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