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Master Facilities Plan

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For safety reasons construction projects/sites are closed to the public until we have official occupancy permits. Stakeholders interested in visiting (entering) school construction sites must request permission can request permission by contacting the superintendent of schools.
Mr. Hatfield and the W.B. Board of Education


The District’s ability to provide every student an outstanding educational experience that prepares them to excel on a global stage is the single most important challenge we face. Four leadership and communication processes have emerged as the “cornerstones” for meeting this challenge. They have created vision, mission and goal clarity.

1) Engagement of Internal and External Stakeholders for Improved Feedback and Accountability. The District will continue its use of: belief surveys, needs assessments, personal interviews, focus group interviews, community forums and input from current students and graduates.

2) Establishment of a School Improvement Advisory Committee (S.I.A.C.). The S.I.A.C. continues to provide valued guidance and helped to develop a six theme, multi-goal, transformational District Strategic Plan.

3) Formation of a District Facilities Advisory Committee (F.A.C.). The F.A.C. was challenged to develop a long-term, phased-in facilities plan. The plan should be a living document providing construction benchmarks for the building of world-class learning environments.

4) Investment in our People to Support a “Culture of Collective Responsibility”

West Branch students, staff, families and community deserve world-class facilities. To meet the education challenges ahead the District will need technology enhanced, flexible, supportive learning spaces where intellectually challenging, high quality instruction can flourish. Most of our neighboring school districts have already made substantial reinvestments and updates to their facilities.

Communities that invest in their public schools receive the valued-added benefits of: increased community pride and relationships, stable property valuations, strong housing markets, reductions in crime and social services, improved community amenities, as well as steady growth spurred by the interests of future families and businesses.

Your support of long-term facilities improvement processes is not only a “win-win” for families with students currently attending our schools or future students, but for the long-term stability of our community as a whole.

Kevin J. Hatfield, Superintendent of Schools


2017 Concept Designs
2017 Concept Designs
Elementary Exterior
Elementary Lower
Elementary Site
Elementary Upper
WBHS Exterior
WBHS Overall

Concept Designs
Concept Designs
Hoover Elementary Concept (updated)
Hoover Elementary Proposed Exterior (Dec 2016)
Hoover Elementary Proposed Lower Level (Dec 2016)
Hoover Elementary Proposed Lower Level (Sep 2016)
Hoover Elementary Proposed Upper Level (Dec 2016)
Hoover Elementary Proposed Upper Level (Sep 2016)
Two-Campus Footprint Designs
WBHS Concept (updated)
WBHS East (Dec 2016)
WBHS Exterior (Dec 2016)
WBHS Overall (Dec 2016)
WBHS Proposed Addition (Oct 2016)
WBHS Proposed Addition (Sep 2016)
WBHS West (Dec 2016)

2014 Facilities Report
9/26/16 SIAC Agenda & Minutes
Board Work Session Minutes (6/6/16)
Community Forum Letter
Elementary Space Program
Facilities Communication to Parents
Facilities Improvement Report
Facilities Input Survey Data
Facility Condition Assessment Report
Phased In Funding Summary January, 2014