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SIAC: Facilities Advisory

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The West Branch Community School District will provide students a 21st Century education tied to outcomes, improved proficiencies and improved teaching, learning and assessment practices as connected to highly valued 21st Century teaching and learning, career and college, community and citizenship skills sets.

2014 Facilities Report Draft
HWSWNW: Mission Statement
HWSWNW: Vision
Memorandum of Professional Opinion, Proposed Fire Lane
Transformational Change Model
Vision, Goals, Guiding Principles, and Summaries

SIAC and FAC Minutes
SIAC and FAC Minutes
FAC Minutes - 07/23/2013
FAC Minutes - 08/27/2013
FAC Minutes - 10/08/2013
FAC Minutes - 11/12/2013
FAC Minutes - 12/16/2013
SIAC Minutes - 03/30/2015
SIAC Minutes - 09/30/2013
SIAC Minutes - 1/27/2015
SIAC Minutes - 10/25/2016
SIAC Minutes - 10/27/2014
SIAC Minutes - 10/28/2013
SIAC Minutes - 9/18/2014
SIAC Minutes - 9/26/2016